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About Karim Camara

Since I was an undergraduate student at Xavier University of Louisiana, I have been on this quest to help individuals reach their potential. I started a literacy through drama after-school program as part of the university’s community service initiatives. I received some recognition from a newly elected President, Bill Clinton, who invited me to stand with him as he announced his national volunteer program- AmeriCorps and I have been helping people reach their potential since than.

But even long before college, and for most of my life, I have been surrounded by this idea of helping individuals reach their potential. My parents started a school to educate children who were trapped in local, failing, urban schools. After a few years in the school, these children (who faced economic challenges and many other obstacles) were scoring at extremely high-levels, two and three grades above their actual level.

Since college, I have been in leadership positions in major non-profits, the leader of a state-wide group of leaders in government, churches and a state government agency that oversaw a $100 million dollar plus project. More than anything, what gives me the most pleasure is having helped individuals- from those considered “street kids” to high-level executives- to discover and/or clarify their purpose.

The fundamental belief that each of us has immense, untapped potential still guides my philosophy. Fulfilling our potential begins with a strong belief in our innate ability and a strong desire to seek our purpose.

My passion in life is helping others discover their purpose, develop their gifts, make a contribution to the world and lead significant lives of fulfillment. With over twenty- years of experience in human development, I get immense joy from helping individuals and organizations reach their very highest potential.

Through life coaching, executive coaching, strategic planning or team training- I can help you and/or your organization soar to the highest heights. Whichever stage you are currently from youth to high-leveled executive, I would take honor in coaching you on your journey.