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I am a certified Member of the John Maxwell Team, licensed to speak, coach and train others using the content, resources and materials from the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

My Coaching Services

Coaching, at its core, is a series of intentional conversations that empower a person to gain clarity and embody their calling. It is the art of influence that underpins leadership in the 21st Century.

The title "Life Coach", however, is such a broad title in an extremely saturated industry. When seeking a Life Coach, make sure that it is a Coach that has the experience and education to effectively serve your needs. While my coaching experience and education have equipped me with the tools to coach a wide range of people, my passion and focus is with coaching individuals who would like to develop spiritually, to develop as a leader, or to develop as an entrepreneur. Here is a brief description of his coaching services below.

Laser Focused Coaching

Laser coaching is designed to guide the individual toward strengthening, developing, or eliminating one particular goal, objective, or behavior.  

I will guide you on your journey of joy, peace, and harmony while supporting you to find your sense of self and wholeness. 

Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Life Coaching, as the name indicates, introduces and involves a spiritual element to coaching. Do you have a desire to go deeper in your life? Do you want to go beyond focusing only on tangible goals? If you answer “Yes, to these questions and want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, develop a greater connection to a higher power, and connect to a higher purpose- you should give Spiritual Life Coaching a try!

Business Coach

Our Business Coaching program will assist and guide you by helping to clarify the vision of your business,  how it fits in with your personal goals, and creating strategies for exponential growth. Business coaching is a process used to take a business from start-up to profit or from where it is now to where the business owner envisions it.

Leadership Coach

Leadership coaching will teach you to unlock the full potential of you and your organization. This program includes an initial session with the key leader, followed by subsequent conversations with key supervisors/staff and designated teams.  

Are you ready to release the leader in you through leadership coaching?

Why Karim?

Karim Camara is an Author, Spiritual Teacher. Speaker and Coach who has dedicated his life to empowering individuals, organizations, and communities. He brings passion, energy, and humor into all of his speaking, coaching, and training. More than anything, he can see potential in others, often before they see it themselves, and guides the individual(s) towards recognizing their abilities and strengths.


"Karim coaches with passion, authenticity and humor. He brings a combination of information and inspiration that really has life changing potential"


"As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Karim will bring not only bring  his own commitment and insight, but an internationally recognized  content and resources from the top leadership expert in the world"


Karim Camara helped me to feel more confident engaging in networks outside of my comfort zone. His spiritual focus helped me to seek confidence and strength from my higher power. Using the strategies he taught me helped me continue to move towards my next level of success.

c. turnquest


I was really at a very low point when I came across Karim in an online search. I lost my job and had a messy breakup, in the same week. We scheduled a free phone session so I could find out if coaching was for me. Initially I was annoyed because he was asking me questions, instead of telling me what I wanted to hear. But after 15 minutes I realized I was being coached to determine my own solutions. Two years later, I have a great job (sales manager for my company) and have a great relationship. It all started with a 30 minute call, than coaching, which set me on my destiny path. Karim's an amazing coach.  You can't go wrong.

Sheila austen

Sales Manager

I was offered a promotion at my job to a management position. I had not been a supervisor before so was required to enroll in management or leadership training classes. I found out about Karim Camara's leadership coaching program and was able to get it approved by my job.  I cannot put into words my debt of gratitude. The leadership principles that I learned go way beyond being as supervisor. They have impacted every area of my life.

Ali Jermaine

Customer Service Coordinator 

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