Life Coach, Team Trainer, Motivational Coach, Youth Speaker based in Brooklyn, New York
Discover your purpose. Identify your passions. Lead a life of joy and fulfillment. 
More money. Better health. Better relationships. Live the life of your dreams. 
Anyone one can discover their purpose and lead a life of fulfillment by using “the Living on Purpose Program” because it is based on coaching you to clarify your long-term intentions, to highlight your unique gifts and to “listen” to the meaning in your personal experience, your conscious and non-conscious thoughts, and your deepest passions.
I get it! You’ve tried to find fulfillment in so many other places and haven’t received the results you desired. Perhaps it was a particular job that you thought had the answer to your happiness. And maybe it worked at first. But after a period of time, you realized that your biweekly paycheck wasn’t worth all of the other annoyances. Or maybe your hope for happiness was in “him” or “her”: just being in a relationship with them would make every other area your life perfect you thought. But again, however, the relationship turned out, that individual was not the answer to feeling the sense of fulfillment that everyone wants to feel and deserves to feel in their life. Perhaps you’re feeling a little frustrated with yourself and your inability to be happy and excited to get up each day and conquer the world. You feel like no matter what you try it’s not going to work.
The options are simple: you can do nothing and hope that things change. Good luck with that! The cost of indecision and the lack of action can be costly in so many ways. Ignoring problems in our lives and refusing to dismiss the things that make us unhappy can lead to long-term emotional, spiritual and subsequently physical (health) consequences.
The other option is you can focus on contemplating and clarifying your long-term vision, discovering your purpose and passions and begin living the life that you, deep down inside, really want to live.